Urban Forestry Department

Jul 042015

The only professionals in arboriculture who actually earn good money are those who own or have interest in tree service businesses.

The business is risky, however, since competition with less tree-loving services is fierce.

It's cheaper to do arbor work when you really don't care about the trees or flora around them.

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Clients just want to see short-term results.

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In some instances a consulting forester may be a better resource for tree information and guidance.

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This might be the case when dealing with large parcels or with lands at the urban-rural interface.

There are no required certifications or registrations to be a private consulting forester, although some states have a registered forester law that carries similar requirements to those listed for certified arborists.

Many consulting foresters are also a Certified Forester with the Society of American Foresters.

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The Society's website has Information on hiring a Certified Forester If you need to talk to someone about what is wrong with your tree, there are several options.

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Consulting arborists are especially trained and experienced in the assessment and diagnosis of tree problems, including pest issues.

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Consulting arborists may be private individuals or be affiliated to a tree care company.

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Aesthetically, an appropriately sited, cared-for tree on a residential lot can increase the home price by $10,000 or more.

Tree buffers screening industrial facilities or transportation infrastructure from residential areas can have a similar value per lot.

Environment Impact Of Urban Forests Investigation of the Potential to Integrate Urban Forest Management into Federal Programs to Reduce Ground Level Ozone in New York City.

To the service directors out there who argue that a chain saw is a cheap tool and effective tool, are you sure it's a cheap tool? Worker's compensation, hospital bills in the tens of thousands of dollars and a heap of paperwork when someone gets hurt is a regular nightmare," said Siewert, a Board-Certified Master Arborist and Municipal Specialist.

In order to pass the certified arborist or tree worker exam, individuals must know what to do in an emergency situation.

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All climbers should be trained and capable of carrying out an aerial rescue.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Adams).

Claremont To Give Residents Free Mulch Saturday

Jul 042015

Oct, 30 - The job fair was a collaborative effort between HACLA's Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program, Imperial Courts Work Source Portal, and Housinc Authority of the County Of Los Angeles to connect clients in the FSS program as well as public housing residents with real time employment opportunities.

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Finally, there's a cost savings," he states.

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"If the drivers are going a little slower; if they're not idling as long; if they're not being hard on their trucks, then we'll see some savings in maintenance and fuel costs.

" Scott tries to give drivers some friendly "coaching" by reminding them that what they're doing might be costing the company a few dollars, but with hundreds of trucks over the course of a year doing the same thing, the financial impact can be huge.

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City employees painted a circle on the grass in Spreckels Park near the Sixth street sidewalk.

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A few folks dug a hole for the tree to be planted.

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The lead volunteer of this portion of the program discussed the proper way to dig and remove dirt, proper depth to maximize success of growth for the new tree and how best to replace the dirt and pat it down.

Volunteers gathered around to look and listen.

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A group of children jumped in to help replace the dirt and pat it down once the tree was in place.

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California Urban Forests Council

Jul 022015

Jim Urban and the International Society of Arboriculture are offering his “Up By Roots” one day seminar on June 28, 2012, in Rochester, MN! I am an attorney who has practiced law in San Francisco for more than 30 years.

I am a partner in the law firm of Nixon Peabody LLP, representing clients in civil litigation and in all forms of alternate dispute resolution.

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I have represented contractors and owners involved in construction claims, and have counseled and represented clients in many industries concerning commercial contract obligations and with regard to liability and indemnity claims arising from their contract performance.

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I also represent lawyers and law firms with regard to professional responsibility issues.

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This is a small nursery, gallery and plant shop in Venice.

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They also offer design services.

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Will recycle your tree by chipping it into mulch.

For referrals outside Los Angeles, call your city's Bureau of Sanitation or a local tree group.

Will take your potted Christmas tree and give it a good home.

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For referrals outside Los Angeles, call a local tree group.

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These professionals are educated in arboriculture- the art and science of planting, caring for and maintaining trees- or sometimes in the related fields of urban forestry, landscape architecture, horticulture and others.

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Ask for local references.

Take a look at some of the work, and if possible, talk with former clients.

Experience, education and a good reputation are signs of a good arborist.

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We've seen it happen all too often," added Siewert.

"Basic tree care equipment sure sounds cheap until you start thinking about it carefully.

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of hacks out there promoting themselves with a chainsaw and a bucket truck, and these guys are not helping cities or providing benefit to the communities in the long run or the short run.

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" Trees have enough problems surviving as it is, and a city is certainly not a normal place for it," Benjamin said.

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"The old timers in the field were called 'plants men' rather than 'nursery men' and were more concerned with growing than selling.

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Today, with basic research like this, arborists are trying to be generalists again, because they need to be.

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" Why Choose West Valley Arborists? In essence an arborist is a physician for trees.

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Just as veterinarians care for pets and farm animals, so arborists care for trees.

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Considering this it is shameful that no legal license is required to become an arborist.

Certifications are available, by various arborist organizations, which are helpful in getting clients.

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Some colleges offer training in the skills involved in arboriculture, but education is not required to become a practitioner of arboriculture.

The wages are not in line with the level of responsibility either.

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Most Arborists make between $20,000 and $45,000 a year.


Hoover® SteamVac® SpinScrub® TurboPOWER® Carpet Washer

Jul 022015

Steven Sear shot a 66 to post the top score in the qualifying round of the Hillcrest Pro-Am golf tournament Tuesday.

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Very BAD Customer Service at the Sears Store, Located in Lincoln, Nebraska at Gate Way Mall.

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You can replace the fresh herbs in this recipe, but using about 1/2 teaspoon (or to taste) of the dry version.

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Or use your favorite premade herb rub.

In a Dutch oven or large oven-proof skillet, heat the remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil over medium to high heat.

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Add the roast, sear and brown on all sides until you have a crispy crust.

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Add chicken broth or water to the bottom on the pot or skillet.

Cover and place in the oven.

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Alternatively, place on a rack in a roasting pan, pour broth in bottom of pan, cover and place in the oven.

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Please enter a valid number 522196001 PLASTIC PARTS Sra Upper Hose Holder Ju $2.

06 Please enter a valid number 304593001 POWERED HAND TOOL Tool, Upholstery Nozzle Brush $4.

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40 Edit Business Listing / Remove Business Listing Zenart Carpet Clg can be more broadly classified into the Administrative and Support Services sector, defined as companies that engage in activities that support the day-to-day operations of other organizations.

The processes employed in this sector are often integral parts of the activities of establishments found in all sectors of the economy.

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The establishments classified in this sector have specialization in one or more of these activities and can, therefore, provide services to clients in a variety of industries and, in some cases, to households.

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Home Services - In Home 4 days ago On top of that you'd get $20 in Kohls Cash.

provides us with their latest coupon codes and special offers.

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Click on the above links to get promo codes and discount deals for Sears Parts.

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CRI West Annual Meeting Set The Cleartrak vacuum, a bagless household upright with standard filter, has earned the designation as Green Label/Seal of Approval Approved vacuum cleaners.

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The Cleartrak Vacuum earned silver certification and is manufactured by WMJ Refurbish Center LLC, headquartered in Comstock Park, MI.

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Dust containment - The vacuum must not release more than 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air, keeping dirt and dust locked tight in the vacuum - not escaping back into the air where it can be breathed.

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Cleaning Tricks From The Queen Of Clean

Jun 302015

Rent a Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine ® for 24 hours from Family Fare for just $24.

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How to Rent Some cleaners prefer to use dry carpet cleaning.

Follow along with Groupon's introduction to the method to learn how it gets results with less water.

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Q Are the carpet steamer/cleaners that you can rent at the grocery store worth it? NHLPA meet again in your Toronto,carpet cleaning machine Carpet Cleaning can either be a part of home maintenance, or in order to get your security deposit back.

Spot and stain removal, plus cleaning solvents are among the least expensive items.

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A stain removal kit is around $100.

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The rug cleaning solvent is between $20 to $25 per gallon and is sold in 4-gallon cases.

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If you're using a high-heat truck-mounted system, HOST® is the leading dry extraction carpet cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers and fiber producers worldwide.

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A safe and proven method of carpet cleaning, this system is used in both large and small venues alike.

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I had been asking around trying to get recommendations for a really good & reasonable carpet cleaner when I happened to come across Tiger Carpet Cleaning in the "BAY AREAS BEST".

800-784-8870 215-533-5508 CARPET CLEANING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY COMPANY, PHILADELPHIA PA 19124 Wanna Win? We have an exciting opportunity for you to win a BISSELL ProHeat 2X® Premier 47A23 Upright Deep Cleaning Machine, with Scotchgard Protector Carpet Cleaning Solution , which would be a perfect addition to your cleaning routine post-holiday! 3 winners will be selected across all blogs that are participating! Drying times after using a rented carpet cleaner can be surprisingly short.

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Because they suction nearly all of the water back out of the rug fibers, carpets can dry in a little as two to six hours.

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If needed, fans or opened windows can make the process even faster.

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Made in USA COMPARE ALL ABOVE FLOOR BUFFERS AND FLOOR MACHINES ON ONE PAGE - CLICK HERE Hoover MaxExtract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner, FH50240 Oven Cleaners.

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Christy Rueckert, Camarillo Real Estate Expert

Jun 302015

Gold Coast Carpet Care is a full service business.

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We specialize in carpet cleaning, repairs, stretching, tile and grout cleaning, window cleaning (single story), solar panel cleaning, and carpet replacement.

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For most carpet cleaners, the answer should be “ to collectleads” Yes, that my friends is thecorrect answer.

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The internet can be agreat source of clients, since more and more people are abandoning the yellowpages and instead hopping on their computer or smart phone to search for theirlocal carpet cleaning services.

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You wantto make sure that when they land on your site, that they will either contactyour or leave their details so that you can contact them back.

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They invest a great deal of money into quality equipments ranging from High powered truck mounted machines to low moisture encapsulation methods, ensuring fast drying times and impeccable results.

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Carpet cleaning is not only for the beautification of the carpet but also for the removal of certain stains, dirt, grit and sand particles from the carpet.

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They have the most reliable professionals with over 10 years of experience in Carpet Cleaning and Customer Service industry.

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Currently servicing Commercial Homes, Offices, Restaurants as well as Hotels.

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They have build their brand around the people whom they serve.

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We also have the experience necessary to combine cleaning techniques to achieve the highest level of cleanliness without causing the slightest damage to your upholstery.

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Why is it that you will often see mothers and women sighing at the sight of their dirty carpets? Well, because carpet cleaning is the last thing they need what with the countless of household chores to finish, driving the kids to and from school, doing the home works and reviews for exams, cooking dinner and lunch, preparing breakfasts, and a long list of other chores to pull off before the day ends.

When I started dyeing carpets I was stunned to learn the fact that, many manufacturers only put in0005 percent dye to make these light carpet colours Applies to Residential & Commercial.